About the Owner


Erica Miller is the founder and owner of Mind Your Business, which focuses on maximizing productivity & profitability through data analysis and creating efficient operational systems.

Erica has served as a sales/business manager in several lines of business, including Retail Sales, Banking, Orthodontics, and as an owner/operator of a home organizing business.

Many companies she has served have been corporations. However, the individual branches and stores are operated as small businesses in which the manager acts and does everything that a small business owner would do. The orthodontics office is where Erica's passion for assisting small businesses came full circle.

No matter what business she is assisting, Erica has been passionate about being a change leader—creating training and development processes, data analysis processes, and sales processes, leading to increased revenue and profits.

Besides a business degree with a concentration in Marketing, Erica has also been certified in social media marketing and data analytics. She used her educational background to create the EDM Method, a simple business planning tool that can work for almost any industry.

Outside of work, you can always find Erica with her husband and three boys enjoying family time. Family and friendships are essential to the soul and motivate Erica's ambition to empower others and help them reach their maximum potential.

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